#109 Jason Brvenik — Testing Cyber’s Limits

#109 Jason Brvenik — Testing Cyber’s Limits

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In this episode, Jason Brvenik, CEO of NSS Labs, joins the podcast for a second time. He and Ashwin discuss what makes a successful security program and the paradox of achieving that success for CISOs. Amidst all the marketing noise, Jason believes the continuous assessment of vendors remains crucial in helping enterprises make informed security product choices.

Jason shares what NSS Labs hopes to achieve with its new nonprofit, namely inform the market and provide better cybersecurity for all. It’s an important initiative because, as Brian explains, “there’s no organization representing the consumers of security products.”

  • 02:47 — NSS Labs nonprofit aims to inform the market.
  • 04:50 — Cyber is a complicated space and not every marketer understands the tech they promote.
  • 08:04 — Cloud is the future, but it is still evolving. It doesn’t fit the traditional business model, so adoption can be challenging.
  • 12:16 — The continuous monitoring and assessment of vendors and technologies remains crucial.
  • 14:13 — Access control is not security.

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