#84 Malcolm Harkins and Peter Liebert

#84 Malcolm Harkins and Peter Liebert

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Cybersecurity Technology: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer of Cymatic, and Peter Liebert, Commander of Cyber Operations at the California State Guard, join the podcast to discuss the past, present, and future of cybersecurity technology and offer their predictions for 2020.

They talk about the products and practices from the past that have lost relevance as technology has changed. Acknowledging the difficulty of turning off any security product, they offer ways to evaluate ongoing value. 

Malcolm sees CISOs as the CEOs of Security, and just like any CEO and business, they must grow, evolve, and transform. In managing that transformation, Peter believes legacy thinking is as much a hindrance as legacy products and recommends regular education for employees. 

In offering predictions for the future, Malcolm would like to see the government and customers hold the security industry to account. While Peter cautions that the government lags ten years behind everyone else and would like to see them follow procurement reform and adopt technologies faster. They both see AI and ML as beneficial to the future of cybersecurity but worry that it could help the bad guys before it helps the good guys.

  • 02:12 — Cybersecurity products – how old is too old; can they stay relevant as technology evolves? 
  • 05:42 — Should we turn older products off? How can CISOs evaluate those products’ value?
  • 08:46 — Just like the real business, CISOs and security have to grow, evolve and transform.
  • 09:53 — People are an often-neglected component. Employees must be educated as technology and solutions evolve.
  • 11:01 — New communication tools means CISOs need to stay on top of data security, compliance, and privacy for those products.
  • 15:48 — Is the future AI and ML? Who will benefit more the adversary or the practitioners?
  • 17:05 — The Government always lags behind by ten years.

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