#88 Jason Haward-Grau — Cyber Attack: When Not If

#88 Jason Haward-Grau — Cyber Attack: When Not If

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In his first Cyber360+ podcast for the year, PAS CISO Jason Haward-Grau discusses his prediction for 2020: multi-vector attacks will become the new normal. Appropriately for a January podcast, Jason underlines the importance of covering the basics – not glamorous but essential – and offers his thoughts on the challenge of keeping a security team motivated.

Digitization and 5G will bring enormous benefits to OT but also huge challenges. Jason believes the conversations should start early and that security should be baked in at the beginning. Crucial to all of these efforts will be getting the board to understand that a cyber attack is inevitable. It is a CISO’s job to educate them and the best way to do so is to ignore the traditional FUD gambit and instead provide real world correlated examples. In Jason’s opinion, it will be an organization’s ability to respond to and respond from an attack that will determine its survival.

  • 02:47 — Prediction for 2020: multi-vector attacks on industrial infrastructure will become the new normal. 
  • 03:49 — Every industry faces different challenges but all CISOs need to be doing the same thing: the basics.
  • 05:18 — The basics are not glamorous or exciting,  so how do you keep your team motivated and engaged?
  • 07:17 — Digitization brings huge benefits but also huge challenges – not least the lack of a physical network – how do you secure it?
  • 10:35 — Detection is no longer king. Speed of recovery will determine an enterprise’s successful cyber attack survival.
  • 13:44 — CISOs must educate the board that cyber attacks are inevitable. The ability to respond and recover is most important.
  • 17:26 — Don’t use FUD, do use examples. It’s a business conversation about the ability to operate.

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