#98 Kristina Podnar — Privacy, Compliance and UX

#98 Kristina Podnar — Privacy, Compliance and UX

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Digital Policy Consultant, Kristina Podnar, joins the podcast to share her thoughts on privacy regulation. CCPA has forced many companies to share their data privacy practices and policies with customers. User experience (UX) is important and as Kristina points out, “they can check the box that they’re complying with something, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a good user experience for folks like you or for me.”

Kristina argues that regulatory compliance is not just a matter for the lawyers but should include everyone from IT to Marketing to HR. It should be less about checking a box and more about creating a relationship of trust and respect with the customer. She recommends CEOs place that relationship at the heart of the business and make protecting customer privacy the responsibility of the entire C-Suite.  

  • 05:35 — Regulation compliance doesn’t always equal a good user experience (UX).
  • 6:52 — It isn’t just the legal team that is responsible for regulation compliance. Everyone from IT to Marketing to HR should be involved.
  • 09:36 — Privacy policies are not written to be understood. Make it clear and simple.
  • 12:26 — Respecting privacy and customer data starts at the top. Bake it into company culture.
  • 14:40 — CEOs need to make privacy a C-Suite responsibility.

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