#22 Ajit Sancheti – Co-founder and CEO, Preempt Security

#22 Ajit Sancheti – Co-founder and CEO, Preempt Security

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Ajit Sancheti, Co-founder and CEO, Preempt Security
The Challenge of Identity in Security
Ajit asks where enterprise CISOs are finding their biggest challenges. He discusses the often-overlooked role of cybersecurity in the M&A process and suggests CISOs tell the board how they will manage risk post-transaction. He believes cooperation is the future of cybersecurity and sees mature technologies on platforms and bleeding-edge technologies as point solutions.

  • 1:01 The network perimeter change means enterprises have to deal with many moving parts, but they often don’t understand how to identify threats
  • 1:37 There are an overwhelming number of threat alerts, 90 percent of which are suspicious but not malicious. The talent shortage means we are seeing enterprises chasing down suspicious threats with resources they don’t have.
  • 2:46 The principles of Preempt: maintain security, allow the business process to take place, don’t use up scarce resources.
  • 4:23 Customers aren’t satisfied with detection alone they want to see response too.
  • 6:45 Organizational structure. Enterprises are not monolithic. They have very clear security groups
  • 7:21 Identity has been part of the infrastructure team and the IT team, not the security team.
  • 09:02 Cybersecurity is simply not considered enough in M&A.
  • 09:49 80 percent of dealmakers uncover data security issues in at least a quarter of their transactions.
  • 11:31 What the CISO needs during M&A is visibility. Crucially, put in the tools to gain insight; do not rely on the security team of the acquisition.
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  • 13:06 CISOs do not have a veto in the M&A process so they need to tell the board how they intend to manage risk.
  • 15:34 Identity is becoming a big deal for security because we have seen so many transformations in the workplace.
  • 16:32 There’s only two ways you can think of where security can be really effective. One is around the assets and applications. The other is around your identity.
  • 19:03 There is no single pane of glass. You can’t go to war with just tanks or just soldiers or just airplanes.
  • 19:35 Maturing technologies will be platforms and emerging technologies will be point solutions.
  • 20:34 Can’t use just platforms or point solutions, CISOs will have to judge where to use which.
  • 21:24 If CISOs can walk away from RSA 2019 having seen vendors being open with their technologies and each other, then the industry will be winning.

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