#76 Andrea Bonime-Blanc — ESG+T

#76 Andrea Bonime-Blanc — ESG+T

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  • 01:39 — ESG+T. Why we must add Tech to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance.
  • 04:33 — It all begins with leadership — if corporate leaders think ESG+T is important it will trickle into corporate culture. 
  • 05:10 — Examples of the good governance ( Microsoft) and bad governance (Facebook).
  • 07:21 — Managing ESG+T for traditional non-tech companies.
  • 10:06 — These are difficult times but people can drive the necessary change.

In this podcast, regular Cyber360+ guest Andrea Bonime-Blanc talks about her new book “Gloom to Boom: How Leaders Transform Risk into Resilience and Value” and how it sets out why we must add tech to environmental, social, and corporate governance. She believes tech is an essential component as it is influential in every component of our lives. 

Andrea says the implementation of these practices begins with the leadership of a company and that they can be the differentiator in determining whether a company thrives or founders. In addition, she offers her own thoughts on — as well as examples of — what good and bad leadership looks like.

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