#39 Andrea Bonime-Blanc – Founder & CEO, GEC Risk Advisory

#39 Andrea Bonime-Blanc – Founder & CEO, GEC Risk Advisory

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Understanding Risk in Cybersecurity
Andrea explains her role as a translator of digital topics into business language to help decision makers better understand strategic risk. She goes on to explore why leadership and culture are crucial in managing risk, the monetization of data and our tech addiction, and the need for the different stakeholders in society to help formulate the right regulatory solutions.

  • 04:01 Cyber has grown so fast that boards and executive teams often lack the experience and knowledge to understand the risk.
  • 08:11 Leadership and culture are crucial in managing risk. Ethical leadership provides the opportunity to create products and services that build risk and security into the design.
  • 12:38 The data breaches and privacy mishaps will lead to ever greater government regulation.
  • 13:41 The consumer has been sold out. Our data is sold without our knowledge, but worse than that, with our permission because we don’t read the T&Cs we sign.
  • 15:15 The danger is that laws on regulation will be made by people who do not understand the cybersecurity industry nor the issues it faces, so business must engage constructively and help craft them.
  • 17:52 Knowing your risks affords you the opportunity to create value.
  • 20:38 The four most important strategic risks fall under four main categories: environment, social, governance, and technology.
  • 23:51 The path to a career in cybersecurity doesn’t have to be STEM. The development of this industry requires people with different perspectives and expertise, and they need to reflect the stakeholders in the customer base that organizations have.

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