#34 Archis Gore – CTO, Polyverse

#34 Archis Gore – CTO, Polyverse

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The CTO Determined to Solve Cybersecurity
Archis shares the story of his experience of Spectre and Meltdown and the lessons vendors could learn from it. He discusses the importance of compliance but suggests organizations go further than the minimum bar. Finally, Archis reassures the cyber industry that it won’t become obsolete if it solves the cybersecurity challenge because there will always be more problems to solve.

  • 03:25 Lessons from Spectre and Meltdown: The security role can be a very lonely one when bad things happen.
  • 04:51 In a crisis, where are the vendors? Who is on the side of SecOps?
  • 09:02 Business owners need to accept a cyber breach is inevitable and their security teams need to look for solutions that do more than just prevent.
  • 10:44 Vendors must demonstrate customer empathy and build solutions that focus on the inevitable and varying bugs, breaches, and attacks.
  • 12:24 Instead of focusing on compliance, organizations should take a proactive view of risk and impact. Then they will automatically become compliant because compliance is the minimum bar.
  • 14:47 The concept of Demonstrable Trustworthiness – trust that must be earned in each transaction – is demonstrated by meeting expected behavior. AI and ML can never meet this.
  • 15:57 Trust only happens when there is shared collateral.
  • 17:22 Set minimum parameters for loss then build your system design around those.
  • 18:17 VCs creating evermore cybersecurity unicorns is not solving our cybersecurity problems.
  • 21:57 Solving, creating and innovating will not make cybersecurity obsolete. There are still billion-dollar problems out there. Maybe on Mars.

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