#29 Ben Johnson – CTO and Co-Founder, Obsidian Security

#29 Ben Johnson – CTO and Co-Founder, Obsidian Security

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An Unusual Cybersecurity Creed
In a crowded security marketplace, Ben believes that people are happy to have multiple security tools but want fewer interfaces. He highlights the value of conversations with customers, points to the value of feedback, and shares his unusual corporate creed.

  • 02:22   An unusual cybersecurity creed: Passion, Capacity, Humility.
  • 06:02   The technology you’re building needs to address a real problem. How does it fit into the tech stack, the workflow, the trends?
  • 07:50   Everyone wants to be the dominant platform, so who should you choose to be your dashboard?
  • 08:37   People are OK with multiple tools, they just want a very small number of interfaces.
  • 09:08   Your customers will be different, so you have to build a product that is extensible and flexible to serve all of them.
  • 10:34   Having conversations with your customers is always extremely valuable. Gather as much feedback as possible.
  • 13:09   Privacy and security is different to privacy and ethics. The distinction is are you facing customers or are you facing your employees.
  • 13:33   The frustration that led to regulations like GDPR was born out of consumers not knowing they were the product, but we all have a data price.
  • 14:04   Employee privacy is a tricky issue. We have to find the balance allowing people to work without friction, but be able to stop them as soon as there is suspicion of insider threat.
  • 16:00   Obsidian is about partnership and catching the bad guys.

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