#23 Brian Vecci – Field CTO at Varonis

#23 Brian Vecci – Field CTO at Varonis

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It is time for a Consumer’s Technical Bill of Rights?
Brian Vecci talks about how freely we give away our most precious assets – not our personal ID but the data on our habits and behavior.

  • 2:07 We get trained to say yes to everything.
  • 2:48 We will never get to the point where consumers actually understand the EULA they are signing.
  • 4:35 Data breaches of names and addresses are old news. People will only sit up and take notice when the data breach is of their Google search history or most visited locations.
  • 4:47 Privacy is different to security. Privacy is the next technical or security leap forward.
  • 6:24 A consumer’s Technical Bill of Rights.
  • 07:53 20 percent of all data is open to everyone.
  • 09:11 Consumers don’t understand how little privacy protection they have, and businesses don’t understand how much risk they are undertaking.
  • 10:58 Consumer behavior won’t change, so companies need to quantify risk.
  • 12:12 There will never be enough manual hands to manage all the data and put the controls in place. We need AI and machine learning.
  • 16:44 A great piece of advice for selling in any industry: listen with empathy.
  • 21:09 What is trust in the security environment?
  • 22:65 When you talk about vendor-customer relationships, trust is emotional. Security is emotional and poor security has consequences, perhaps not enough.
  • 24:00 Trust is built within an organization and then between that company and its customers.

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