#8 Bryson Bort – CEO of SCYTHE and Founder of GRIMM

#8 Bryson Bort – CEO of SCYTHE and Founder of GRIMM

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Breaking the Cybersecurity Status Quo

Bryson shares his energetic and entertaining opinion of the CISO as merely a con-man and tackles the prickly question of whether AI can solve the talent problem.

  • 00:53 The difference between a CIO and a CISO. Aka, the CISO is just a con man.
  • 03:01 The real reason information security is not progressing.
  • 07:00 The interconnected nature of IT makes it easy for ransomware to attack multiple targets, whether they intend to or not.
  • 10:03 Communication is key. Malware communication protocols are the solution to stopping attacks.
  • 13:54 The attackers are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
  • 17:44 What if we could replicate the attacker’s potential space?
  • 24:43 Can AI solve the talent problem?

Bryson Bort Interview Transcript