#82 Carolyn Crandall — Chief Deception Officer, Attivo Networks

#82 Carolyn Crandall — Chief Deception Officer, Attivo Networks

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Ancient Tactic, Modern World

Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer at Attivo Networks, joins the podcast to talk about deception technology, vulnerability during mergers and acquisitions, and the importance of crafting a unique marketing message.

  • 02:56 — Perimeter attacks – your technology may be able to deflect them but what do you learn about the attacker?
  • 07:02 — Attackers are well equipped. They can buy everything they need on the dark web.
  • 10:22 — During M&A both companies become targets.
  • 12:12 — Marketing cybersecurity – thousands of products and everyone is using the same words. How do you craft a unique message?
  • 15:57 — Deception can help you use the security tools and products you already have more effectively
  • 19:31 — We start too late in educating cybersecurity.

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