#67 Cat Coode – Data Privacy Expert

#67 Cat Coode – Data Privacy Expert

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Global Differences in Privacy and Regulation

Cat Coode, Data Privacy Expert at Binary Tattoo, talks privacy, misperceptions in cybersecurity, and helping smaller companies find their way through the regulatory maze.

06:54     Perception is the biggest problem in recruiting cybersecurity talent. We need to educate people on how many different roles there are in cyber.

09:49     Innovation versus user privacy — there are global differences in approaching privacy.

10:54     We are using outdated privacy acts from the 80s and 90s to govern the digital age. New rules and regulations are needed.

13:11     Global market forces are encouraging regulation — rather than lose customers, partners are falling into compliance.

14:01     A simple seven-step blueprint for smaller companies to embrace regulatory compliance.

16:36     Traditional industries, like the travel industry, are easy targets for hackers — lots of information, little tech capability.

19:21     Every organization needs someone responsible for privacy.

20:10     Privacy by design means this is all easier to implement and maintain.

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