#100 Chris Jacquet — CISO, Hitachi Vantara

#100 Chris Jacquet — CISO, Hitachi Vantara

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Community is Key

In this podcast, Chris Jacquet, CISO of Hitachi Vantara, discusses the benefits of the CISO community. More than just fellowship, the CISO community is a coalition of skills and knowledge shared to help fight an increasingly agile adversary. Chris explains, “If we don’t group ourselves and help ourselves, we won’t be successful at fighting the bad guys.”

While the cyber skills gap is a constant challenge, Chris suggests we could close it by being more open-minded. A focus on very narrow job descriptions is part of the problem. Chris believes cybersecurity needs curious minds; they don’t have to have come from technical backgrounds. He is only half joking when he says, “The Russian hacker that is attacking us at the moment, does he have the CISSP, does he have 15 years of experience? Maybe not.”  Chris suggests the industry could also help itself by collaborating with educational institutions to develop curricula with marketplace value.

  • 04:42 — The Tech Challenge: Inspiring and encouraging children to explore STEM.
  • 09:31 — The CISO community is crucial in a lonely and isolating job.
  • 14:32 — Attacks will happen, prepare and defend, but know detection is key. 
  • 17:10 — Cybersecurity hiring needs to be more open to people from different backgrounds.
  • 23:27 — Predictions for 2020 – adversaries benefit from emerging technologies just as we do; IoT is a huge challenge; the ethics of data privacy.

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