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Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator Preparation Workshop

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Course Overview

UberKnowledge can help you prepare for your PCNSA certification test with our 1-day, leader-led workshop. The PCNSA certification is heavily based on material covered in the Firewall Essentials (EDU-210 or EDU-110) class. This workshop reviews key concepts introduced in this training and includes other material in the PCNSA Knowledge Domains. This workshop requires previous attendance in one of these classes, it is NOT a Firewall Essentials training alternative. Topics covered align with the PCNSA Knowledge Domains and include:

An exploration of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform
    Security Platform products
    Firewall Architecture
    Implementing Zero Trust
    The Cyber-Attack Lifecycle

Simply Passing Traffic
    Managing the Firewall
    Initial Firewall Configuration
    Firewall Configuration Management
    Dynamic Updates
    Administrative Accounts
    Traffic Interfaces
    Virtual Routers
    Security Policies
    Network Address Translation (NAT)

Traffic Visibility
    Application dependency
    Application Filters and Groups
    Application Properties
    App-ID updates and Security Policy impact
    Optimizing Security Policy use of App-IDs

Securing Traffic
    Content-ID and Security Profiles
    Threat Logs
    URL Filtering
    Network Attack Defenses

Identifying Users
    User-ID Overview
    Methods to map IP Addresses to Users
    Mapping Users to LDAP Groups
    Examination of User-ID Deployment Considerations

Deployment Optimization
    Exploring Best Practice Analysis reports
    Exploring the Heatmap