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Aruba Certified Mobility Professional Certification Workshop

This is an On-demand course. Please submit a request to, if you want to pursue it. We will get back to you within one business day of receiving the request.

Course Overview

The purpose of this workshop is to reinforce the learning the prospective candidate for ACMP did during the SWDI course. It is not intended to replace, but to supplement the training completed in the Implementing Aruba WLAN course.

The topics to be reviewed will include:

1.       Aruba architecture and review

2.       Mobility master redundancy

3.       MC operations within a MM hierarchy

4.       Role Derivation

5.       Clustering for HA

6.       Wireless in education (voice as well as Chromecast and Apple devices)

7.       The guest network solution and multizone

8.       Remote Access

9.       Securing the edge (tunnel node)

10.   Airwave for troubleshooting


This workshop will utilize several in depth scenario-based questions to examine critical topics to ensure students have a solid foundation on the skills necessary to work with and PASS the Aruba ACMP certification exam.

As a network architect for a large school district you are responsible for ensuring the security, reliability and accessibility of your network.  Given the importance of wireless in education you have been tasked with ensuring the wireless network in your school district can accommodate the challenges faced by modern educational institutions. 

In today’s modern school districts, the wireless lan went from a “nice to have” to a “have to have” this network needs to be resilient and be available when called upon. From online testing which is one of the largest factors used to determine the success of the district, to the teacher in the classroom trying to use technology to assist students with streaming media in their classroom.

The modern school uses wireless for voice and video communications. A district may rely on wireless in the district for critical communication and voice over wireless for things like emergency personnel, security, and building executives.

Securing the edge (the unused ports in the classroom) has always been a critical touchpoint for most technology departments.

As a prospective candidate for certification you will be responsible for designing, building and troubleshooting the network (both wired and wireless) for your district.