Port and Protocol Firewall Security Rule Conversion

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Implementing a Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall often starts with a migration from an existing firewall technology. There are several ways these settings can be converted that includes a Migration Tool from Palo Alto Networks. Regardless of the technique used these rules will typically include rules that filter traffic by port and protocol numbers as most legacy firewalls are limited to this type of inspection. Using port and protocol traffic enforcement in Palo Alto Networks firewalls bypasses one of their fundamental next generation features, Application-ID. No migration based on firewall rule sets from older generation firewalls is complete until they have been updated, replacing port and protocol filtering with App-ID. We’ll work with you existing rule set and any traffic history you have accumulated on your Palo Alto Networks firewall and convert your security policy rules to App-ID to provide a more complete reduction of your attack surface by allowing only the required application access by just the users that need it.

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