#19 Diana Kelley – Cybersecurity SME

#19 Diana Kelley – Cybersecurity SME

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Cybersecurity Is Akin to Cancer Research
Diana focuses on the importance of data-centric security in the cloud and reminds security practitioners that cybersecurity is a career-long fight.

  • 00:27 Diana’s career trajectory and her trifold perspective as practitioner, vendor, and analyst
  • 2:44 Data-centric security in the cloud
  • 3:22 The triumvirate of security: confidentiality, integrity, availability
  • 6:22 To manage the data management lifecycle, legal and tech should be working as a team. And yes, you really do have to read the T&Cs.
  • 10:03 Set clear parameters so that your employees don’t accidentally misstep.
  • 13:54 Just because we can store the data doesn’t mean we necessarily should.
  • 15:18 GDPR, love it or loathe it, has focused everyone’s attention on the issue of privacy.
  • 19:47 Don’t consider a cyber career unless you are in love with it.
  • 20:51 Being a cybersecurity practitioner is like being a cancer researcher or doctor.
  • 22:00 Know that this is a fight that you’re going to fight your whole career.
  • 22:28 Diana’s advice for women beginning their cybersecurity career – learn your craft and believe in yourself.

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