#101 Diana Kelley of Microsoft and Dr. Char Sample of INL

#101 Diana Kelley of Microsoft and Dr. Char Sample of INL

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Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field CTO for Microsoft, and Dr. Char. Sample, Cybersecurity Research Fellow at Idaho National Laboratories, join Ashwin on RSA’s Broadcast Alley to discuss their “All that Glitters” talk debunking artificial intelligence and machine learning marketing. In an industry with so many buzzwords and too little understanding, Diana would like to see marketers focus on the customer experience. She reveals, “Really creative CMOs can clarify and come up with these very succinct messages that resonate without resorting to pure buzzwording.”

They discuss the importance of diversity when creating data sets and the lack of understanding between human and artificial intelligence. Dr. Char sees this as an area ripe for study. She explains, “We need to work more with the cognitive neural scientists, the psychologists, the people who actually understand how we think and where we are building these biases in.” As Diana points out, “the thing about unconscious bias is it’s unconscious.”

Privacy is a topic at the top of everyone’s mind at RSAC 2020. While regulation is important, both Diana and Dr. Char feel that privacy must be part of corporate culture and not a compliance check box.  Diana explains, “privacy is a human right and it’s the responsibility of the organization to deliver that for people.” Something Microsoft wholeheartedly embrace.

  • 03:26 — Marketers, please ditch the buzzword bingo.
  • 05:11 — Marketing best practices — focus on the experience and create unique, resonant messages.
  • 07:00 — The cybersecurity industry is really bad at listening. Stop tailoring my problem to your solution.
  • 08:02 — We need to understand the difference between how human intelligence works and how artificial intelligence works.
  • 08:38 — To avoid bias in data sets you must have a neuro-diverse team.
  • 10:52 — Privacy needs to be in a company’s DNA not just a regulatory check box.

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