#68 Kristina Podnar — Digital Natives Versus Digital Immigrants

#68 Kristina Podnar — Digital Natives Versus Digital Immigrants

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Kristina Podnar, Digital Policy Consultant, discusses the risks and opportunities brought by digital transformation.

  • 02:00 — Digital natives versus digital immigrants
  • 06:05 — Whose responsibility is it to protect data in third-party apps like Slack?
  • 08:28 — Simple policies and practices can help protect your digital footprint.
  • 10:51 — Vendors have an ethical and moral responsibility to support their customer’s security and privacy officers.
  • 12:44 — Even in very small companies, the buck stops with the officers, they have a responsibility to protect the business.

Kristina joins Ashwin on the Cyber360+ podcast to discuss digital transformation and the two camps it has broadly placed people into — digital natives and digital immigrants. Kristina believes the commonality between the two groups is where we’ll find the opportunity for co-mentorship.  And there is much they can teach other: digital natives want to move fast which is great for fostering creativity but often ignores risk; digital immigrants are a more cautious bunch who factor in privacy and security concerns.

The tools embraced by digital natives, like Slack, bring speed and productivity but also risk to the enterprise. Just who should be responsible for protecting data in third party apps? Kristina argues that the policies and practices used to onboard employees or partners should be extended to the world of these new tools, and that this is the responsibility of the CISO. However she also publicly challenges those third-party vendors to support their customers. And if the vendors aren’t owning responsibility for privacy and security, then the enterprise must, no matter its size. Being small does not excuse you from protecting your assets and your customers.