#17 Dr. Andrea Little Limbago – Chief Social Scientist, Virtru

#17 Dr. Andrea Little Limbago – Chief Social Scientist, Virtru

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The Human Element at the Overlap of Privacy and Security
Andrea stresses the importance of quality over quantity when collecting data and says companies need to be able to explain what data is going into their AI models and why. She says it’s time the security industry look at how humans interact with technology and tailor their products accordingly. Andrea firmly believes the best way to increase gender diversity in this male-dominated field is to emphasize women and their achievements.

  • 00:47 Andrea’s unique role and responsibilities where social science meets cybersecurity
  • 03:45 Hacks are not just security issues but privacy issues too.
  • 06:04 The big data revolution came so quickly that people threw everything in to achieve results. Now we are seeing the repercussions of biases.
  • 08:20 GDPR the disruptor is still evolving.
  • 11:14 Move away from the focus on the user as the weakest link and actually making the technology work better for the user.
  • 14:32 Passwords are not something that works well with the way that the human mind works.
  • 16:57 The security community is a really creative group of people.
  • 20:01 Displaying the diverse aspects of a career in cybersecurity will help increase diversity among the practitioners.
  • 20:54 Security is bigger than your current sphere: This is an area where we can help protect our democracy and democracy around the globe.
  • 21:22 The lack of diversity in cyber cannot be ignored, but the best way to combat is to highlight and elevate and amplify the voices of women as it pertains to their expertise.
  • 24:21 Increasing diversity is not just the responsibility of the underrepresented, it is everyone’s responsibility.

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