#108 Emily Mossburg — Global Cyber Leader, Deloitte & Touche

#108 Emily Mossburg — Global Cyber Leader, Deloitte & Touche

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In this podcast Emily Mossburg, Global Cyber Leader at Deloitte & Touche joins Ashwin to discuss the broadening of cybersecurity across the enterprise, women in tech, and Deloitte’s global cyber strategy for 2020. 

Emily would like to see more skill diversity in cybersecurity. She explains, “It is critically important that we focus in on some of the softer skills required for the CISO in order to make sure that the broader organization is bought in and understands the risk.” This is something we hear often on this podcast: CISOs need to be able to talk more than just tech and communication skills are key.

  • 02:41 — Educate executives and the board on the evolution of cybersecurity and make sure they understand this is a moving goal line.
  • 04:29 — Cybersecurity is not just the CISO’s responsibility. This is about arming the entire enterprise.
  • 08:04 — We need to focus on the softer skills in the CISO role.
  • 09:19 — How can we make cyber an inviting field for women? 
  • 12:41 — Deloitte’s global cyber goals for 2020.

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