#40 Emily Mossburg – Principal, Deloitte & Touche

#40 Emily Mossburg – Principal, Deloitte & Touche

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The Future of Cyber
Emily discusses Deloitte’s survey on The Future of Cyber and offers her opinion on the risk in IoT, consumer identity management, and the best way to increase diversity in cyber.

  • 03:04 The discrepancy between digital spending and digital transformation.
  • 05:32 Organizations are creating additional risk as they go through digital transformation.
  • 07:05 IoT brings increased risk and broader, more sophisticated attack surfaces.
  • 08:36 We’re going to need people as well as automation to cope with the security scope of IoT.
  • 10:28 Highly regulated industries are further ahead on the risk curve.
  • 10:41 How should companies choose what to outsource and what to keep inhouse?
  • 13:21 Consumer identity management
  • 17:10 People self-select into industries they are passionate about. With cyber everywhere we have an opportunity to increase passion for cyber in women.
  • 20:16 Conferences like RSA are all about conversation and relationships.

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