#36 Emrah Gultekin – CEO, Chooch AI

#36 Emrah Gultekin – CEO, Chooch AI

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Working with Data While Respecting Privacy
Emrah discusses the best way to store data, the privacy paradox, and cautions against overregulation.

  • 00:55 Chooch AI’s mission is to emulate human intuition.
  • 06:00 There is a privacy paradox and the best way to address it is to score the benefits and disadvantages of having your privacy revealed.
  • 08:19 The Western World is very privacy driven and it is creating tension in the tech world
  • 13:18 Don’t keep raw data. Use neural networks to hash it.
  • 14:13 Governments do need to regulate, but they should be cautious. Overregulation stunts innovation.
  • 18:34 People overemphasize data. What is actually important is how your models and platforms interact.
  • 19:45 Ashwin Krishnan: if you could create a closed-loop pipeline of data collection, model training, and prediction, you would be able to discard the data that isn’t adding value.
  • 21:56 Use public data, don’t collect private data to train your models. That will solve the privacy problem.

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