#60 Fiona McEvoy – Tech Ethics Writer

#60 Fiona McEvoy – Tech Ethics Writer

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The Evolving Role of Ethics in Technology
Fiona discusses ethics in technology, data as the price, and the danger of ignoring the end user for companies.

05:13       Is cybercrime being redefined by tech ethicists?

10:31       Younger generations are complacent about their data as the price of admission, but companies should not abuse this.

14:46       No enterprise wants to be the first to set the ethical bar because it could put them at a competitive disadvantage.

16:33       Companies that ignore these issues and don’t respect the ultimate end user might end up regretful.

18:00       There has been progress in the field of tech ethics, but it is slow.

21:52       Technologists need to educate the broader population on how to use technology advantageously.

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