#110 Giovanni Vigna — CISOs are like Goalkeepers

#110 Giovanni Vigna — CISOs are like Goalkeepers

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Giovanni Vigna, CTO at Lastline, joins Ashwin on the podcast for a second time. He expands on his previous analogy of CISOs being like goalkeepers – never praised for goals saved, only criticized for goals scored – and jokes that now they need binoculars to be able to foresee incoming threats. Fortunately for CISOs and their teams, the security community has built up a bank of resources where enterprises can test and learn. In fact, Giovanni believes those resources are so empowering that “the enterprise can take control of its protection and make the vendors accountable.”

  • 01:58 — CISOs are goalies, but now they need binoculars.
  • 05:29 — The security community has built incredible resources to help enterprises understand what they might need.
  • 07:29 — Thinking like a hacker frees you from your own assumptions.
  • 10:18 — AI is a tool — good at finding patterns, bad at logic.
  • 13:13 — Why machine learning will replicate mistakes over and over again.
  • 14:12— Enterprises can’t rely on just one vendor, we need the resources of the entire community.

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