#122 Helen Patton — An Agile Business Continuity Plan

#122 Helen Patton — An Agile Business Continuity Plan

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I hope what will change after this is that we won’t try and preplan the disaster. What we will do is we will set the stage so that we can respond quickly and adaptively when something happens.”

Ohio State University’s CISO, Helen Patton, returns to the podcast. Having started her career in business continuity and risk assessment, navigating a crisis is nothing new. Helen talks about how the traditional business continuity plan is no longer relevant and calls for a more agile approach. She shares her thoughts on the current relaxation of data privacy regulations and suggests a rethink on regulation. Helen also discusses how her team are coping with remote working and wonders how the pandemic will change the future of work.

  • 03:18 — Traditional business continuity planning is no longer relevant.
  • 06:00 — Regulations around data privacy have been relaxed. Should we consider rolling them back?
  • 09:18 — What lessons will we learn from this about how we work?
  • 12:51 — This hasn’t changed our direction, just accelerated our move towards cloud, mobile, remote.

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