#80 Helen Patton — Managing Risk Appetite

#80 Helen Patton — Managing Risk Appetite

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Each year Helen Patton, CISO at Ohio State University, poses the same question: which generation is most cyber-risk tolerant? In this podcast she discusses the answers she receives. Are tech-ignorant baby boomers the biggest risk or is it the carefree Gen Zs? Regardless, generalizing about groups isn’t helping CISOs secure organizations, so we’ll see a more individualized approach to security moving forward. But this will need, yes, you guessed it, more data. Helen goes on to discuss how that data could be collected and the necessity for a very transparent approach in the public sector. 

In the future, Helen sees the CISO role moving increasingly towards a focus on the digital experience. She discusses collaboration within the CISO community. Even in traditionally secretive organizations, CISOs are beginning to share knowledge pertinent to their industry and this is good news because we can only win this fight together.

  • 02:21 — Which generation is most risk tolerant?
  • 06:11 — Generalizing isn’t helping us manage security, we need a more individualized approach and UEBA will play a role.
  • 09:22 — Individual risk tolerance versus the institution’s risk tolerance. 
  • 11:24 — Yes, CISOs should be sharing their knowledge and encouraging companies to build security into product design.
  • 12:34 — The CISO role will move towards a focus on digital experience.
  • 14:23 — CISO collaboration on individual industry challenges will help win the cyber fight.

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