#20 Hema Lakkaraju – CEO, Ansa Solutions

#20 Hema Lakkaraju – CEO, Ansa Solutions

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Be as innovative in compliance as you are in your business
Hema argues that compliance should be strategized and integrated to help it keep pace with fast-changing industry innovation.

  • 02:09 What is a compliance strategy?
  • 03:59 Understand the business, the market, and the product then create a compliance model.
  • 06:03 The compliance mindset needs to change and embrace integration.
  • 07:22 Compliance heads should want a more meaningful role.
  • 14:10 Get educated. You don’t need to comply with all regulations, but you do need to comply with the regulations applicable to you.
  • 16:48 HiTrust has included all the right things, but if it’s not mandatory, it’s toothless.
  • 22:02 Build cybersecurity into products from the very beginning. Reverse reactive engineering is not the way to go anymore.
  • 25:24 Compliance teams need to be mandatory within the design and product development teams.
  • 26:08 You are answerable to the customers you design for, so build in trust and create value.

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