#44 Jake Olcott – VP, Communications and Govt. Affairs, BitSight

#44 Jake Olcott – VP, Communications and Govt. Affairs, BitSight

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What Are the Questions We Should Be Asking?
Jake discusses the cybersecurity questions we should be asking: what legislators should be asking citizens; what boards should be asking CISOs; what companies should be asking during M&A processes; and what citizens should be asking themselves.

  • 03:22 While it’s true that legislators lack technical knowledge, the best ones know how to ask the right questions.
  • 04:49 Americans need to consider if they want Europe to be setting the privacy regulations and if not, they need to ask U.S. legislators to start doing so.
  • 09:03 Boards and executives are on the hook for cybersecurity and finally understanding that it is a critical component to an overall risk management program.
  • 13:54 The Marriott breach showed cybersecurity diligence during M&A is essential.
  • 15:49 The goal for CISOs with any breach is to learn from it, develop the appropriate standard of care, and then show those learnings to the executive team.

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