#117 Janice Le — Silicon Valley CMO / Startup Advisor

#117 Janice Le — Silicon Valley CMO / Startup Advisor

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Reaching a Distracted Audience

Janice Le, Silicon Valley CMO and Startup Advisor, joins the podcast to talk about how brands can reach a distracted market. She sees two approaches to marketing right now, one that highlights how your company can help, and one that ensures your brand is remembered positively once the world is out the other side of the pandemic.

Janice emphasizes the importance of cyberhygiene in our world of ever increasing digital connection. She explains end-users cannot rely on vendors to do everything it takes to protect them in cyberspace and would like to see vendors remind their customers of that through education.

  • 02:27 — Drawing upon her experience as immigrant from a third-world country to help others through the pandemic.
  • 05:53 — Marketing should be working cross-functionally with communications, engineering, security, and customer support to discuss how remote working could be exploited and get ready with a response.
  • 09:42 — Cyberhygiene is more important than ever. We, the end-users, need to own responsibility for that and not rely on the vendors.
  • 12:40 — There are two approaches to sensitive messaging right now. First, if you address privacy and data, that should be at the forefront. Second, make sure your brand is positively remembered once this is over.
  • 15:32 — Walk your kids through cyberhygiene and teach them about the threats.

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