#30 Jason Haward Grau – CISO, PAS

#30 Jason Haward Grau – CISO, PAS

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Operational Technology is Underrepresented in Cybersecurity
Jason talks about cyber crime in OT and the huge impact it has on human life, infrastructure, and energy resources. He discusses the importance of frameworks in encouraging good, ethical behavior and shares his thoughts on digital consumer rights being determined by geography.

  • 02:41 OT is underrepresented and little understood, yet we use it ubiquitously every day.
  • 05:00 60 percent more likely to see an engineering mishap than a cyberattack in OT, but they still happen.
  • 06:07 Safety is becoming a more prevalent issue. Chernobyl, Bhopal, Piper Alpha all could and should have been prevented.
  • 08:36 Frameworks provide a structure. They provide value for doing the right thing and discourage negative behaviour.
  • 09:50 Exploits will happen. What is important is lessening the likelihood and the impact.
  • 11:23 Every organization should deploy two-factor authorization. If you can prove your security capabilities you will increase customer trust and revenue.
  • 12:32 Don’t just know your rights, exercise them.
  • 13:51 What are your rights as a digital consumer and does geography determine how much control over your own data you are entitled to?
  • 15:58 GDPR has had some unintended consequences for business.
  • 17:30 If you do something wrong in OT, somebody gets hurt.
  • 19:32 The challenge is in the proliferation of applications. Regulation is great, but remedy is more important.
  • 22:54 We don’t need more cybersecurity people in OT, we need more OT people in cybersecurity.
  • 24:26 Diversity in cyber is a problem, but don’t set a quota, set a goal.

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