#87 Jimmy Sanders — Head of Information Security, Netflix

#87 Jimmy Sanders — Head of Information Security, Netflix

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In our first episode of 2020, Jimmy Sanders, Head of Information Security at Netflix joins the podcast to talk about Netflix’s unique culture of “freedom and responsibility” and what that means for the information security team.

He covers the evolution of cloud security from the perspective of an organization that was an early AWS customer and cautions that security remains the responsibility of the customer, not the vendor.

AI, ML, Big Data and all those other buzzwords are just that for Jimmy. He is less interested in how vendor products work and more interested in their efficacy. When vetting and implementing new products he recommends using trusted relationships and standing on the shoulders of those who have already implemented that product. Moving out of our silos and into these sorts of collaborations and partnerships is one of Jimmy’s hopes for cybersecurity in 2020.

  • 01:31 — Netflix culture what “freedom and responsibility” means for information security.
  • 03:26 — What Netflix needs in a security team: open-minded people who can handle a lot of data.
  • 05:29 — Most young people don’t realize a career in cybersecurity exists.
  • 07:49 — AI, ML, Big Data, whatever you use – just make sure your product works. It’s the efficacy that counts.
  • 09:52 — How can CISOs measure risk? It’s all a question of appetite.
  • 12:32 — Cloud is evolving and more stable, but cloud security is still not the responsibility of the vendor.
  • 14:58 — Collaboration is the best way to approach security. Leverage every trusted relationship.
  • 17:33 — Hopes for 2020: limiting the scope of breaches, more partnerships to drive security forward.

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