#38 Joseph Stuntz – Director of Federal, Virtru

#38 Joseph Stuntz – Director of Federal, Virtru

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Federal policy, data protection, and identity fraud
Joseph talks about data protection and breaches, points out the opportunity regulation offers vendors, and welcomes the possibility of federal government sharing identity attributes to help fight synthetic identity fraud.

  • 03:03 The different silos of data are meaningless to the end user. They just want their data to be where it should be and protected.
  • 06:27 Data breaches will happen; it’s how a company handles them that matters. Clear and transparent communication will win customer trust.
  • 12:04 The way we’ve historically treated data sharing, collaborative and risky versus closed and secure, isn’t good enough anymore. 
  • 14:50 You can’t buy your way into compliance. The vendor community needs to take the regulations and work out how to make it easy for companies to be compliant.
  • 20:19 Encryption is not a cure all, but it is a really important piece of the puzzle.
  • 24:55 Could opening federal identity attributes for private sector identity providers and identity solution providers help fight synthetic identity fraud?

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