#115 Kavya Pearlman — Founder & CEO, XR Safety Initiative

#115 Kavya Pearlman — Founder & CEO, XR Safety Initiative

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Have our Privacy Gains Gone?

Kayva Pearlman, XR Safety Initiative’s Founder and CEO, joins our host, Ashwin Krishnan, on this podcast to share her concern that we may be losing our hard-won data privacy protection. We are currently seeing privacy regulations relaxed. While we mustn’t let data privacy impede the fight against COVID-19, we must be cognizant of the ramifications. Kavya explains, “after this passes, the data destruction clause has to be there.”

For small to medium businesses or small teams working in response to COVID-19 who lack privacy protection resources, XRSI are offering free privacy reviews. Reach out to them via their website.

  • 03:20 — This crisis has shown us two types of leadership. Those leading with FUD and those leading with compassion.
  • 08:09 — Right now we are seeing a relaxation of privacy regulations.
  • 09:47 — This is not just about data privacy protection, so much more is at stake.
  • 10:46 — Some of the largest companies are partnering with WHO hoping software can solve the COVID-19 problem.
  • 12:53 — Cybersecurity is more important than ever. The recent layoffs are due to budget not lack of need.
  • 16:16 — If you are working in response to COVID-19, please pay attention to privacy.

The website reporting hiring freezes mentioned by Kavya in the podcast can be found at https://candor.co/hiring-freezes. The CyberSN blog by Deidre Diamond can be found at www.cybersn.com/blog/.