#18 Kristina Podnar – Digital Governance Advisor

#18 Kristina Podnar – Digital Governance Advisor

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Cultivate Innovation within a Policy Safe Zone
Kristina discusses the evolution of GDPR and is surprised by the readiness ratio of global multinationals to small and medium enterprises. She draws a clever analogy of digital policies as a backyard boundary: a safe space to be creative in not a restrictive yoke. For women in cyber, she feels the landscape is changing and exhorts everyone, regardless of gender, nationality, or race to go for it and get things done.

  • 03:49 GDPR isn’t a doomsday, and the enforcement and evolution of the regulations are likely to be slow and steady.
  • 05:40 Global multinationals haven’t got their GDPR act together, despite a huge spend, but small to medium enterprises have.
  • 10:32 Digital policies offer so many more opportunities than risks or compliance issues.
  • 12:16 Digital policies as a backyard boundary. Boundaries create a safe space to be creative within. And in that creativity lies the competitive advantage and value to organizations.
  • 13:30 Policy implementation should the responsibility of just one person. Clear and delegated authority is essential, and there is value in an outsider’s approach.
  • 16:40 Policies protect against pain. They can shape best practice and keep enterprises within the law, but really it’s about strategy.
  • 19:03 Addressing the multigenerational aspect within enterprises
  • 20:22 Younger generations are demanding more authenticity in their digital interactions. Bot or not.
  • 24:31 On gender diversity in cyber, it’s a changing landscape. Don’t be afraid to own your space and learn because you can be the best.
  • 26:01 Go for it and get things done

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