#86 Kristina Podnar — Dollars or Data?

#86 Kristina Podnar — Dollars or Data?

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Digital Policy Consultant Kristina Podnar joins Ashwin to talk about consumer digital privacy. They discuss whether we are tiring of “free” applications and ponder the fair dollar price instead of paying in data. Kristina wonders if we are really aware of how much data is being collected about us with and without our knowledge and believes that end users really need education in this area. 

Ashwin asks if we are seeing a movement around digital awareness. Sadly not, but Kristina is seeing a bigger shift in the U.S. towards citizens’ rejection of federal and local government digital supervision. While in the EU, the opposite is true with citizens trusting governments more than they trust private sector business. 

While regulations continue to play an important part in monitoring and controlling digital privacy rights, ultimately it will be consumer spending, or refusal to spend, that prompts companies to become more transparent.

  • 01:25 — Are we tiring of “free” apps? If so, what’s a fair dollar trade for data?
  • 03:26 — How much do we understand about what data is being collected about us?
  • 06:28 — End users need educating on the data that is being collected about them.
  • 08:45 — No-one has taken advantage of the opportunity to use data to sell to consumers in a hyper-personalized fashion.
  • 10:48 — Are we seeing a movement around digital awareness? Sadly not.
  • 12:12 — The EU has much higher citizen-government trust levels. 
  • 15:25 — Regulations are important but consumer spending power is where the buck will stop.

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