#79 Kristina Podnar — Security Skills for Marketing

#79 Kristina Podnar — Security Skills for Marketing

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On this edition of the Cyber360+ podcast, Digital Policy Consultant Kristina Podnar and Ashwin Krishnan talk about the lack of focus on security in marketing. In her consulting work, Kristina sees that most marketers don’t understand the issues surrounding security and those that do are afraid to face them. A good step forward would be for CMOs to step in and partner with CIOs to ensure that amidst all the clever analytics software, customers’ data is protected.

The subject of customer data also cropped up when Kristina and Ashwin discussed Zappo’s recent attempt attempt at reengaging customers seven years after their data breach. They both underline the importance of trust in the customer relationship. It is this that marketers should be focused on post-breach. As Kristina says, “privacy and trust are a competitive advantage.”

  • 01:34 — Security issues are scary to marketers. The engagement needs to be mandated from the top down.
  • 06:24 — Marketers don’t know security so CMOs need to partner with the CIO and vendors to safeguard the organization.
  • 09:40 — Marketers must think very carefully about how to win back customers after a breach. Zappos, we’re looking at you.
  • 11:47 — To regain customer trust you have to do a mea culpa — there must be accountability.
  • 14:32 — Sales and marketing are all about trust relationships.

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