#70 Larry Lunetta — VP of Marketing Security Solutions, Aruba

#70 Larry Lunetta — VP of Marketing Security Solutions, Aruba

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Securing IoT

  • 04:19 — Insider attacks are so hard to defend against because they look legitimate.
  • 07:23 — Securing IoT: It’s not enough to know what devices are on your network, you need to know what they are connected to and what permissions they have.
  • 10:11 — Is IoT security possible, and if so, who is responsible for it – the CIO, the CISO?
  • 13:32 — Unless we can educate the youngest generations on the power they give up for the devices and applications they use, we will continue to have problems around privacy.
  • 18:02 — Regulation and legislation of data security and protection is increasing globally.

Larry Lunetta talks about his career experiences, how they all feed off each other, and how that enables him to learn and then share. 

He discusses insider attacks and explains that they are so hard to defend against simply because they look legitimate from an IT perspective. He describes IoT as a new and challenging space but sees devices as somewhat easier to manage than users because their behavioral modality is constrained.

When talking about what technology means to the younger generations, Larry sees fewer boundaries — particularly geographical ones — to a career in tech but an increasing ignorance of privacy and data. He points out that the generations who are growing up using Facebook and Google “are not cognizant of what privacy is and what they give up.”

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