#6 Laura Noren – Director of Research for Obsidian

#6 Laura Noren – Director of Research for Obsidian

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Tech, Cybersecurity and Ethics

Laura offers a refreshing perspective on how to start the ethics in cybersecurity conversation, touching upon Google’s (in)famous Project Maven, and highlights the importance of building ethics into products — before the problems happen.

  • 02:11 How to start the ‘ethics in cybersecurity’ conversation
  • 07:41 How can a community figure out what is appropriate use of technology?
  • 08:52 Professional ethics do matter
  • 10:32 Project Maven and the power of ethical objection
  • 12:37 Should product ethics be tied to VC funding?
  • 14:55 Build ethics into products—before the problems happen
  • 19:00 Ethics is hard, hard work
  • 20:14 What will be Cybersecurity’s crisis moment?

Laura Noren Interview Transcript