#78 Lester Godsey – New Role, Same Principles

#78 Lester Godsey – New Role, Same Principles

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  • 02:40 — The first 90 days for a CISO are all about assessment.
  • 04:42 — The similarities between a transition in security leadership and a breach. 
  • 07:22 — Vendors – it’s about partnership, trust and a relationship. They don’t often offer that.
  • 08:52 — Public sector procurement is slow and very defined.
  • 10:20 — Starting in a new role is all about communication and consistency.
  • 14:39 — A CISO’s job is to support the organization’s mission and vision.

Newly appointed CISO of Maricopa County, Lester Godsey returns to the podcast to discuss how CISOs transition between jobs. He shares his plan for his first 90 days as CISO of Maricopa County describing careful assessment and good communication.  

When asked about vendor relationships, Lester explains that the best vendors offer a partnership and recognize that it’s about securing the organization — even if that’s not with their product.

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