#27 Linda Moss – Vice President of Global Enablement, Palo Alto Networks

#27 Linda Moss – Vice President of Global Enablement, Palo Alto Networks

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Diversity Generates Innovation
As a lifelong technical trainer, Linda shares her insights into the different ways people learn and believes training should accommodate them. She highlights the dismal statistics of women in cyber and talks about Palo Alto’s efforts to redress the diversity imbalance.

  • 02:04 The evolution of the training world. There are two fields: how people learn and the engagement of technology.
  • 03:16 The forgetting curve and how the industry is combating it.
  • 05:17 People learn in different ways and technology has allowed us to enable that.
  • 05:40 The learner decides how they want to learn.
  • 08:05 Microlearning and macrolearning – we need both and have to build the training that people want.
  • 10:35 A dismal statistic: 2019 should see 19 percent cyber jobs filled by women.
  • 11:36 We have to do for cyber what STEM has done for maths — make it cool.
  • 12:14 PAN’s partnership with the Girl Scouts on cyber badges
  • 12:56 Cybersecurity does lack gender diversity, but less so in the training environment because education has always been a diverse field.
  • 14:06 Confronting unconscious bias
  • 15:57 Diversity begets innovation. It’s not always painless but it is worth it.
  • 17:59 “Can you do” as well as “Do you know.”
  • 20:17 Training can learn from gaming

Linda Moss Interview Transcript