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Menlo Security Isolation Platform

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Course Overview

Menlo's isolation-based Web Security equals 100 percent protection. Isolation keeps malware off your network and away from your user's devices. That's why our customers report total elimination of malware infections, over 95 percent declines in credential loss, and similar reductions in corporate data leakage. All with no change to the user experience.

Learn more about the Menlo Security Isolation Platform by attending our live virtual training. The course is designed to maximize your understanding of how to get the most out of the Menlo Security Isolation Platform.

The training is delivered via a live virtual class. This provides a cost-effective learning choice without compromising on quality. The classes are taught by our Menlo Education Delivery Partner instructor using interactive sessions and hands-on labs. We offer the following courses:

Web Isolation - Administration:

This 1-day course will give you an overview of the concepts of the Menlo Security Isolation Platform, including recognizing the flexibility you have to control access, remove web threats, prevent credential theft and eliminate document malware.

The following topics are covered:

  •    Connectivity: PAC, Proxy Chaining, Pre-pend, Redirect, Certificates
  •    Authentication: Access Control, Single Sign-On, Roles, Two-Factor Authentication, Anonymous
  •    Web Policy: Fundamentals, Exceptions, SSL, Threats, Content Inspection
  •    Logging: Insights, Risk Reports, Dashboard, UI Logs

Web Isolation - Troubleshooting:

This 1-day course will give you an in-depth insight into the Menlo Security Isolation Platform. You will look at the advanced features available for managing your Menlo Security Isolation Platform. The course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to support and troubleshoot issues they may encounter whilst deploying and configuring the Menlo Security Isolation Platform. There are supporting workshops to aid your learning.

The following topics are covered:

  •    Advanced Administration - Web Policy, Logs
  •    Customization - Building customized pages
  •    Debugging Tools - Developer Tools, HAR files, Network Tracing
  •    Troubleshooting
  •    Enhanced Reporting - Insights, MQL, API

Email Security:

This course will help you understand the concepts of the Menlo Security Phishing Isolation Platform with Office 365, this includes configuring your environment in a way which educates your users and avoids any email threats, whether it be credential theft, URL-based attacks or spear phishing.

The following topics are covered:

  • Configuration: Office 365, Rules, Connectors,
  • Email Policy: Whitelists, URL Links, User Experience, Risk Score, Attachments, Mobile
  • Reporting: Dashboard, UI Logs
  • Customization: Branding
  • Troubleshooting

Private Cloud (On-Prem):

This course will walk you through the concepts and configuration of the Menlo Security Private Cloud (On-Premise) deployment.  You will learn the differences between the appliance types and how to manage upgrades across the deployment.

The following topics are covered:

  •  Configuration: Cluster Creation, Template Management, Client Line Interface
  •  Certificates: SSL, Trusted
  •  Upgrades: Scheduling and Management across the Cluster
  •  Policy: Administration, Authentication
  •  Reporting: Dashboard, UI Logs, Monitoring, Operational and Syslogs