#75 Naresh Podila — CISO, Pall Corporation

#75 Naresh Podila — CISO, Pall Corporation

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A Data-centric Approach

Naresh talks data protection, risk awareness, and data-centric security.

  • 02:50 — Protecting intellectual property and trade secrets.
  • 05:51 — Data protection is multifaceted: on-prem, cloud storage, cloud sharing, telecom transit, portable devices.
  • 10:45 — Data-centric security is essential. Educate employees on more than just phishing threats.
  • 16:28 — GDPR is a live example of risk and compliance as two sides of the same coin.
  • 21:01 — Build a risk-aware culture in your organization from the top down. 

In this podcast Naresh Podila, CISO of Pall Corporation, discusses the many facets to data protection in a large organization. He talks about rising to the challenge set by GDPR and what it taught him about a data-centric approach to security. 

Naresh shares his strategy for making an organization risk aware. He takes a top down approach and educates both the leadership and the grass roots of the enterprise. This approach is crucial in protecting Pall’s most important data, its intellectual property, and that is not governed by any kind of regulation but driven by economic survival.

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