#91 Nina Wyatt — SVP & CISO, Sunflower Bank

#91 Nina Wyatt — SVP & CISO, Sunflower Bank

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Business-Background CISO

Nina Wyatt, SVP and CISO at Sunflower Bank, discusses the challenges and benefits of being a CISO from a business background. Having a business continuity perspective brings in-depth experience and understanding of what’s critical to an organization. The challenges lie in building trust with technologically oriented colleagues. 

She discusses her work with young people, explaining that high school curricula are not keeping pace with the new careers we see evolving and increasing in business, technology and security. She also believes that teaching young people risk assessment skills could help them make better choices for their futures.

Privacy is an important issue for Nina, who believes consumers don’t really understand the consequences of their technological interactions. She suspects many end users like the convenience offered but unwittingly trade more than they receive. While data privacy statutes are state based, electronic data knows no boundaries. It is time for legislation to catch up. Until that happens, businesses will have to find an ethical path forward, and the companies that do will come out on top.

  • 02:13 — How does a business background differ from a technology background for CISOs?
  • 06:31 — We need to mentor our youth so they can see the jobs that aren’t represented in the school syllabus.
  • 08:39 — Business risk assessment teaches valuable tools about consequences. Young people particularly could benefit from learning that.
  • 11:34 — Do consumers understand the consequences of their technological interactions? No.
  • 11:46 — Data breaches are almost a cost benefit to doing business online or shopping, and it’s a balance between that convenience and the consequences associated.
  • 12:57 — Data privacy statutes are state based, but electronic data knows no boundaries.
  • 16:33 — We’re in our fourth industrial revolution. Technological advances are moving fast. Legislation needs to catch up.
  • 18:54 — 2020 will see a more unified approach to not violating public trust. In the end, it’s the businesses that put customers interests first that win.

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Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here are solely the opinion of Nina Wyatt and not the opinion of  her professional associations or Sunflower Bank.