#74 Olivia Rose — Adaptability

#74 Olivia Rose — Adaptability

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01:55 Do different age demographics require different management styles?

06:18 Customers’ use of your product can be inventive – prepare to be surprised.

10:25 The security team should never operate in a silo; partner with other departments.

Olivia Rose, CISO of Mailchimp, joins us for another Cyber360+ conversation. She talks about adapting to a new work environment and the challenge of managing different age demographics. 

She shares her experience of discovering a customer’s innovative way to interact with Mailchimp’s platform and suggests that CISOs should always be prepared to be surprised. Olivia believes it is important to educate customers on the security implications of their choices and on how regulation will affect their business. Importantly, security teams should not work in a silo. Olivia argues the best approach is to collaborate with other departments, particularly Legal and Privacy. 

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