#94 Olivia Rose — Leadership in the Endless Battle

#94 Olivia Rose — Leadership in the Endless Battle

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Regular Cyber360+ guest, Olivia Rose discusses leadership and her journey as CISO at Mailchimp. She admits it has not been easy. Six months in the role have taught her that to lead effectively, you need to build a trust relationship with your team.

For Olivia, “the key was showing my own vulnerability.” She let her team know that each one of them – and their individual skills – were needed and valued. This helped not only to build that vital trust, but also bolster motivation and team spirit. She explains, “what gives me comfort in this role is knowing that my team has my back, that my team is functioning and teaming together in the best way possible.”

  • 02:56 — CISO is one of the hardest jobs. Metrics won’t provide comfort or security but a supportive team will.
  • 06:47 — The secret to great leadership is a building a trust relationship with your team. Show your vulnerability, praise them, defend them.
  • 12:23 — Metrics may not make the organization more secure or motivate your team, but you still need them to justify security spend

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