#102 Paul Vixie — Ethical Data Aggregation

#102 Paul Vixie — Ethical Data Aggregation

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Dr. Paul Vixie, CEO of Farsight Security and Internet Hall of Famer, joins Ashwin at RSA’s Broadcast Alley to talk about ethical data aggregation. He explains the cybercrime fighting mission behind SIE Europe, the nonprofit he co-founded with Christoph Fishcher and Peter Kruse, saying, “So far, everyone’s giving us high marks for both transparency and the usefulness.”

He feels hopeful for the generation that has had to learn about data privacy the hard way and enjoys seeing them choose to work for companies with a mission they can believe in. Paul is particularly proud to offer those opportunities at Farsight explaining, “I like making it clear that if you help us succeed you will not create a world that you’re going to hate living in.”

  • 01:29 — SIE Europe: sharing data to fight cybercrime.
  • 03:34 — Privacy regulations are positive and will result in a stronger economy.
  • 06:24 — Constructive vulnerability is impossible to achieve at scale.
  • 08:37 — Farsight is proud to offer career opportunities that respect privacy.

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