#43 Phil Dunkelberger – CEO and Founder, Nok Nok Labs

#43 Phil Dunkelberger – CEO and Founder, Nok Nok Labs

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Trust is a Cultural Imperative
Phil talks about the erosion of trust in society, the increasing role of encryption in security, and the need for some privacy standards.

  • 01:19 Privacy and security are two different things and not interchangeable.
  • 02:06 How much access should governments have to their citizens’ data?
  • 04:22 The value of the information shared should determine the level of encryption in IoT devices.
  • 06:04 Encryption will play an ever-increasing role in security
  • 08:17 Digital transformation and security in design – can’t bolt it on after.
  • 12:04 Trust has been eroded in every area of society
  • 14:06 Is cybersecurity attracting workers motivated by money rather than a desire to do good?
  • 16:50 The U.S. needs a privacy minister. People should stop assuming business will be ethical in its use of customer data.
  • 18:32 As long as we say the ends justify the means, we will fail.

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