#112 Phil Dunkelberger — FIDO is the Future

#112 Phil Dunkelberger — FIDO is the Future

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Phil Dunkelberger, CEO of Nok Nok Labs, joins Ashwin on our podcast for a second time. He discusses his work on authentication and the FIDO Alliance pointing out that passwords and usernames are ineffective as security tools. Increasing consumer frustration and regulation like CCPA and GDPR have brought the privacy debate to the fore, but Phil explains that the privacy debate is not new; he’s been involved in it for over 20 years.

Phil goes on to talk about the need for brands to build a trust relationship with their customers, and that includes a decipherable EULA. He also suggests that the cyber skills gap could be broached by teaching cybersecurity in schools and colleges. This would open the field to a broader range of people. In Phil’s opinion, “diversity is a huge advantage in security.

  • 03:02 — Passwords are a liability. FIDO is the future for authentication.
  • 05:17 — We need to consider the customer journey and make things easier not harder.
  • 11:01 — Best way to tackle increased diversity? Teach cybersecurity in schools and colleges.
  • 13:02 — We can innovate together in this industry.

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